What Actions does Lightning Process Builder support?

Quality Business Process mapping is at the heart of all successful software projects. Whether they be Salesforce.com or otherwise. At System Partners we work hard to take customers “as-is” processes and introduce automation (amongst other things) to ensure the “to-be” processes we build from represent a streamlining of their business.

Essentially we want the system and their business to work better when we leave it compared to when we found it. Using the new Lightning Process Builder (Video overview) we’ve been able to automate business process in Salesforce.com with clicks, not code.

While I’ve written about Lightning Process Builder before, this post focuses on the new process builder's capabilities. Functionally I see it as Salesforce’s answer to IFTTT (If This Then That). You start with an object in your Org and specify the IF criteria in one of three ways. While the first two options will be familiar to Salesforce.com admins everywhere, the third represents an interesting time saver. Rather than having to create a filter condition that always equals true, you can specify the action always runs.

  • Filter conditions are met

  • Formula evaluates to true

  • No criteria - just execute the actions!

Once you’ve set your IF criteria you can create one or more actions that will execute should your criteria be met. The process builder supports several different types of actions, these are listed in the table below.


Then you repeat the steps of creating criteria followed by actions until you’ve exhausted all of your scenarios. Activate your process, and you’re done!

As an example, you may wish to create a process whereby your company’s hiring manager is notified each time a contact is added to the talent pool. In that case you would build a process with logic such as: