Trailhead is awesome! skills are valuable. End of story. Until recently when asked by clients “how do I learn about” my response included references to training courses costing thousands of dollars and the (somewhat limited) free online training modules. This is no longer the case thanks to the recent release of Trailhead.

So what is Trailhead?

Created by Salesforce it is a self-paced training option to help anyone learn about configuring and developing in the world. The learning process is simple. You are provided with lessons and then tested on what you have learnt in those lessons through a skill or knowledge challenge. The knowledge challenges take the form of a short quiz, however the skill challenges are the really exciting part!

Trailhead integrates with your Developer Edition (DE) Org so that you literally build the functionality required by each lessons skill challenge, then you click a button, and Trailhead checks to see if you have completed it correctly.

I recently completed a few lessons to take Trailhead for a test drive and I was very impressed with its ease of use. Investing time in this tool is worthwhile as have demonstrated their commitment to the currency of the lessons. A great example of this is the recent addition of lessons on how to build Lightning Components!

So how do you get started?

The process is as follows:

  1. Choose the Trail (lesson plan) you want to take

  2. Connect to your Salesforce Developer Org (click here to create if you don’t have one)

  3. Login to your DE org

  4. Allow Trailhead app to access your org by granting permission

  5. Complete the steps required by the Skills Challenge

  6. Go to the Trailhead Lesson page and click “Check"

  7. Trailhead will tell you if you are missing anything

  8. If everything’s good you will get points!

If you are looking to increase your skills, visit Trailhead and give it a go! It will be worthwhile!

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