Lightning the load

I was fortunate this week to attend the Developer Playground at the Park Hyatt Melbourne.

It was a great opportunity to hear about some of the latest and greatest product developments recently launched at Dreamforce 2014 and those that will available be in the near future.

There were many personal highlights during the afternoon session:

While I could write about all three in this article I’ll just focus on the one that impressed me the most: Lightning Connect. It absolutely blew me away.

The ease at which the demo org was able to be linked to an instance of SAP to display live data was incredible. That sort of ‘clicks not code’ integration ability would have saved me hours of integration work in past roles.

For example in a past life I served as the Business analyst in the IT team for a large Construction Contractor. We used JDE in the backend and having Lightning Connector available would have let me show live financial data for our major projects on the projects record itself.

For a bit of background here, we used a custom App to manage project information from pre-contracts through to history and archiving. But that’s a post for another time.

Furthermore it allows presentation of ERP data in Salesforce where people would have previously not bothered due to the complexity and cost of doing so. Big props to Salesforce for this one.

If you are involved with or responsible for in any way within enterprise, you need to look at Lightning Connect to see what it can do for your organisation!

There was so much value to be had from the developer playground session, so much so I do not have the space to cover it all in one post. I’ll be continuing to share my insights and thoughts in a few upcoming posts focusing on the other Lightning products, Salesforce Wear and Heroku.

I cannot recommend strongly enough how important it is to get along to these sorts of sessions so you can gain an understanding of what is possible in an ecosystem as sophisticated as

Big thanks to Michael Meisels and Troy Sellers for putting on a quality afternoon.

Oh and make sure you listen carefully to the techie stuff, you might just walk away with a Drone!

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