Heroku: Scalable apps on any budget

In this, my fifth and final instalment on the recently held Salesforce.com Developer Playground in Melbourne I’ll be focusing on Heroku.

While Heroku may not be the sexiest Salesforce product from the perspective of the enterprise. I share the opinion of the session’s presenter, Troy Sellers (LinkedIn|Twitter), that it continues to be one of the most exciting and interesting products available today.

For those unsure what Heroku actually is, I’ll have a stab at an explanation. It’s a platform to deliver applications over the web, in any language (although a list of 10 or so are officially supported), that can be instantly scaled.

Still confused?

Here is a practical example:

You’ve written an app in Python, you want to put it online, see if people start using it, and hopefully build a startup around it. Traditionally you would need servers, OS management, network comms etc.

Or, you load your app to Heroku via Git, activate it with a single click, and it is available. Initially Heroku is free, but after a few weeks more and more people start using your app. Rather than having to buy more servers, install them and worry about load balancing etc. you just log onto your Heroku dashboard, click edit on your app, and move the slider upwards to increase the power available to serve your application.

Whether you are servicing one user, or one million, Heroku can adapt by adjusting some settings on the dashboard. Instantly scalable. It is the sort of thing that makes me want to go back to all the Python and Ruby textbooks I’m halfway through and finish them off.

The implications for your business are this, if you want or need to deploy an application in a B2C model, start small with a low recurring cost, and you will be able to scale instantly should your application take off. Choose Heroku.

This concludes my series on the Salesforce.com Developer Playground. To finish off, I’d like to reiterate some comments I made in my first post. Salesforce events are there to help you explore and navigate big wide world of Salesforce. You’ll always be enriched in someway from having attended, and if you pay attention, you may just win a Drone!

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