Drowning in duplicate data? Here's a Data.com solution...

I’ve never encountered a business that didn’t struggle with duplicate data in their CRM. It’s almost as if dupes are the other half of the double edged sword that are enterprise wide data intensive applications.

On the one hand they provide a powerful tool to business, on the other they require additional resources to manage. Both at an individual and enterprise level. This is why I’m so pleased Salesforce.com has released Duplicate Management powered by Data.com.

While there have been third party tools on the AppExchange for some time that deal with dupe management, they’ve added the operating costs of Salesforce by requiring the purchase of additional licences. The new native solution means you now get these features as a part of your standard salesforce licensing. Oh and I should also point out that you don’t require a Data.com licence to use Duplicate Management. The reference merely means it is powered by the same technology as Data.com.

Before you tell your boss you don’t need a third party dupe tool, here are a few of the biggest limitations to consider:

  • Only supports Accounts, Contacts, Leads and custom objects;

  • Doesn’t work with quick create

  • Doesn’t work with Exchange Sync

For the full list of limitations consult the Release Notes. If these don’t present a problem for your use case, I’ve included some instructions below so you can jump right in.

Getting started

To get started with Data Management powered by Data.com there are a couple of steps you need to take.

Start with creating some custom Matching Rules. These form the logic that determines whether a record being created or edited matches and existing record.

Then Activate your rules

Now you’re ready to create your Duplicate Rule. These tell Salesforce what action to take when duplicates are identified. Such as whether to block or allow the duplicate, alert the user, enforce sharing rules etc.

Then activate your Duplicate Rules and you’re ready to reap the benefits of Duplicate Management powered by Data.com!

If your organisation is drowning in a stormy ocean of duplicate data, then Salesforce has thrown you a life preserver in the form of Duplicate Management Powered by Data.com. Take a look today.

Duplicate Management powered by Data.com is one of a range of products I have been reviewing, if you haven't read my recent blog on why I think  in helping customers get the most from their salesforce instance click here to find out.

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