#DF14: learn, listen and launch: Brand and Marketing

Last week I was lucky enough to be part of the System Partners’ Dreamforce 2014 tour team heading to San Francisco. 

Our team went to the USA to:

  • learn about new products and services,  

  • listen to existing and potential customers about how we can assist them to deliver the right solution so they get the best Return On Saleforce.com Investment (ROSI),  

  • launch our new branding, and

  • launch our new business health checks

As this was my first trip to Dreamforce I wasn’t sure what to expect from an event of this scale but I came home fascinated, inspired and educated.

Keynotes from Hillary ClintonTony RobbinsWill.i.am and Marc Benioff demonstrated the reach of salesforce.com and the way innovation and technology can not only transform your business but also play a major role in transforming the world around us by giving back.

It would be impossible to cover everything the team saw and learnt in one blog so we are running a series to provide you with the technical, sales and marketing and customer success insights from our experts. Look out for our #DF14 posts.

From my perspective, as System Partners’ Marketing and Communications Director, Dreamforce was my opportunity to observe and understand all things social, marketing automation and cloud, events, customer success and in particular brand awareness.

Brand awareness
For the third year in a row System Partners were a major Dreamforce APAC sponsor. It is our opportunity to support Salesforce.com and raise awareness around our brand on a global and APAC platform. This is why we chose it as the perfect location to launch our new branding and logo. Turns out we weren’t the only ones. Salesforce also profiled their new logo:

Our new look - Why and how?
A rebrand is not a small task for any organisation. There is an important journey to take for decision this major and it is essential to engage all stakeholders to gain feedback, insight and buy in before a new logo is created and rolled out.

We didn’t just pick a graphic we liked. As part of a wider program of improving our marketing suite we ran customer personas with our clients and Salesforce Account Executives about their wants, needs and motivations and we employed the services of brand experts Prime Motive who ran a brand methodology workshop internally before creating our new brand.

We used the findings from both to help us realign our vision, mission, values and service offerings and aid Prime Motive to create our new look and feel. The final result represents our new direction:

Coming up...
As part of this SP series I will discuss how I think Pardot, Exact Target and the latest developments in the marketing cloud presented at #DF14 can help develop your marketing offering from branding through to customer personas and journeys to create one-to-one customer relationships to help achieve your business goals. Look out for the technical and sales blogs from our Principal and Lead Consultants and Business Analysts. 

Highlights from the entire Dreamforce showcase are available here.